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RMIT Alumni

Bachelor of Fashion (Design)

Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours)


AU Armure

AU Armure: An elegant manifestation of resilience and reinvention in response to the seismic global shifts of recent years, AU Armure emerges as an intricate tapestry of strength and sophistication, a poignant exploration of resilience when vulnerability permeates the mind, body and spirit. This collection stands as a testament to the transformative power of the cloth, embodiment of the cloth and the notion of armour as both protection and adornment.

This is not merely a collection of garments but a narrative of preparation, a meticulous layering of elements designed to guide the wearer from the familiar to the unknown. The storytelling begins with the raw canvas of the naked body—the beating heart of life. Drawing inspiration from antique jewelry and medical support garments, the designer constructs an exoskeleton, a delicate yet robust structure of hand-cut steel boning embraced by lambskin leather. Unfinished edges speak to the fragility shared by the artist, resulting in a feminine silhouette that intricately balances strength and vulnerability.

The deliberate exposure of the back reveals a nuanced vulnerability, symbolizing the protection of the feminine divine within. A neck cuff, artfully 'rigged' for mental fortitude, further emphasizes the duality of fragility and strength. Wool, chosen for its transformative qualities, shapes tailored garments that mirror the evolution of the wearer's psyche.

AU Armure is a sartorial manifesto—a two-piece pant suit and dress transcending gender boundaries to embrace the feminine and masculine divine in a shared narrative. Layers culminate in a final veil, a graceful robe encapsulating movement and freedom. Crafted with meticulous detail, each layer serves as both shield and celebration of the wearer's innate strength.

Captured through the lens of Alexis D. Lea, assisted by the creative minds of Whiskey Falls and Adam Malone, AU Armure embodies departure from the familiar, a poised embrace of the foreign, and an unwavering affirmation of resilience amidst change.

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