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Fashion Curator



RMIT Alumni

Bachelor of Fashion (Design)

Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours)


These Brutal Bodies

It is moulded by disgust and fear, aroused by memories. 


The rejection of the natural. Embracing moulding, modification and distortion, my beast was born — layer by layer. The process, brutal and violent. 


The silk slip beneath, of animal and to protect animal, begins the process by separation of the natural and the soon to be. 


Atop — a new skeleton denies the natural in order to mould the base of the beast. It’s steel-bones lay bare this new form and is tamed through laced spine. 


Finally, a new skin that rises and falls with every breath. It’s surface distorted and reshaped, giving new life. Spurring out from beneath, a fiery hide.

‘BEAST’ was a research studio that looked to appropriating traditional form and function of the the natural form through conceptual thinking and making of anamorphic forms. My making practise developed significantly through this studio by adopting ‘thinking through making’. There was a key point where I chose to completely reject any reference of the natural from and built my own form — the process itself bloody and violent. 


This newly birthed form became the foundation upon which I developed my body covering and garment outcomes. The garment outcomes were made from natural protein compositions of leather, silk, wool and fur (recycled). I then groomed these materials into distortion through corsetry, hand dyeing, wetting, moulding, heating, setting, cutting, fusing - all brutal. Designing through making was like conceptualising while grooming — It was honest, sincere and authentic. 

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